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Mrs Stobbs recommends My Equity Release Expert.

“Every step of the way was geared to my needs.”

Mrs. Stobbs wanted to find a way to fund a comfortable lifestyle in her retirement. She had looked into equity release and thought it might be the best route for her.

Before she made any decisions, however, she spoke to independent advisers at My Equity Release Expert.

“I often had questions which were answered to my satisfaction.”

Mrs. Stobbs knew that she wanted to release £35,000 of equity. Her options were a lump sum payment or drawdown – and she needed help to decide which would suit her circumstances best.

After finding out more about her needs and lifestyle, Mrs. Stobbs’ advisers helped her to determine that a drawdown plan was the best equity release option for her personal circumstances.

A drawdown of £35,000 allowed her to take her money as and when she needed it. The plan provided the security of the arranged amount available, arranged for drawdown as and when she required access to the funds.

With the equity release plan, Mrs. Stobbs was able to buy a new car, pay off remaining debts, and make plans to enjoy her retirement.

“I felt looked after.”

The appeal of speaking to My Equity Release Expert advisers was the truly unique service they provided. There was no pressure to choose one plan over another: Mrs. Stobbs felt that her advisers had her best interests at the core of their advice at all times.

Her advisers even helped her find a solicitor to help with the paperwork for her equity release. The whole process took less than 8 weeks and was seamless from start to finish.

“I would recommend the service to my friends and family.”

Mrs. Stobbs was so happy with the service she received, she said: “I have family and friends who I know would benefit from equity release, and I know exactly where I would direct them.”

The independent advice, unpressured support, and assistance at every step meant Mrs. Stobbs was able to make an informed decision about her equity release plans – and can now enjoy her retirement with the funds.

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